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15 years on …

This week, LinkedIn has marked my 15th year in business. In fairness, this is when I went LinkedIn “official” (so it’s a couple of months late). So, looking back, what have the past 15 years taught me?

** Every day is a school day **

When I first *cough* started my marketing career it was all about direct mail and print. Times have changed and so did I – essentially moving from stuffing envelopes to writing SEO copywriting. And, without sounding smug, I’m still really enjoying working in this ever-changing landscape. It’s fascinating how new technologies engage and how consumer trends adapt.

I’m very realistic that you can’t become complacent and do the “same old, same old”. What was is that Henry Ford said?

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”

That’s why I believe you should never become content and sit-back on your laurels. Now, as social influence is much more important with consumer-facing brands, lockdown gave me the opportunity to gain more understanding of the wants and needs of influencers. How have I done this? I’ve just put my money where my mouth is and launched my own blog. Putting myself in the shoes of influencers and the time and intricacies that this form of communication entails will definitely help the brands I work for. If you’re interested, the blog is Feel free to follow on Instagram or Facebook.

** Know your market **

Yes, marketing is a transient skill with the same principles used. But, it pays to engage with someone with experience in a particular market. It’s more cost-effective – they’ve already got the press contacts and know the customers or retailers that a brand works with. As I’ve worked in food & drink for over 20 years and have all that wealth of experience to share it enables me to cut to the chase much quicker. The client has to do less explaining, I have a lot less to learn and it’s a win-win for everyone.

** Always go the extra mile **

Going above and beyond pays dividend. Not just for the brand, but for my own personal job satisfaction. I’ve never been afraid of rolling my sleeves up and getting stuck in – whether it’s to sweep the floors before a Royal visit, spending four days on an exhibition stand extolling the virtues of a brand or packing up press samples. You get the idea. Getting up at 4am to meet a film crew or to catch the first train to London is always a struggle though!

** Remain positive **

Now, this can be a tricky one. Especially this year when the world is facing such chaos and uncertainty. But, I’m usually a glass half-full kinda girl and that’s important, especially when you’re self-employed. But, we won’t live like this forever so I like to stay positive with a sense of humour. Besides, as soon as we get over COVID-19, there’s always Brexit to look forward to  :-) 

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