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Copywriting Tips

Copywriting can be classed as an art form, others say it’s a science!  This is why we’ve put together some copywriting tips for you.


Business copywriting needs to be of exceptional quality, believable and not superficial. Keep reminding yourself that you are talking to an end user. Anything too technical or jargon-heavy will simply act as a turn-off, so, it may be necessary to just ‘dumb things down’ to keep your desired audience engaged.


Engagement is the key to successful copywriting. Copy needs to be compelling yet natural and reflective of the brand. It’s vital to get copy noticed and be something that is read by bloggers, influencers and of course shared through the typical channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.


Make copy consistent across all communications. To do this, you may decide to adopt a particular style (I was once asked to prepare stories in the tone of Johnny Boden meets Boris Johnson). A writing style can be quirky or traditional, but above all it needs to be consistent.


Copy should be punchy and not just full of superficial content. It’s not necessary to write lengthy content because you think that you have to. If it’s newsworthy, inspirational and enables you to link in with customers and consumers then it’s likely you’re onto a winner. Remember to focus on the benefits not just the features; after all, most people are only interested in ‘What’s in it for Me?’

Content is King, whilst promotion is Queen; so once you’ve agreed your killer copy, do everything you can to shout about it!


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