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Creating a brand is the start of a journey

Let’s start a new brand! Hurrah! But, creating a brand is much more than a pretty logo … it’s the start of a journey. It requires investment (not just financial) but most importantly in time too. Splat Marketing & PR works with businesses to turn their brand dreams into reality.

Marketing Strategy & Segmentation: get everything down on paper in terms of what you want to achieve and how it’s going to be actioned. Who are your target markets?

Route to Market: You’ve got your product or service, so how do you intend to successfully get it to customers? Will you do this directly or through a third party?

Price Positioning & Benchmarking: Are your prices mainstream or premium? What is the perceived value for your product or service? How do you compare to your competitors? Is pricing comparable?

Margin Requirements: How much margin do you need to make? If you’re selling a product, do you have sufficient margin to pass onto distributors, and in turn to retailers?

Brand Opportunities / Product Development: Any joint marketing opportunities? Could you develop specific products for niche market sectors? Could you extend your range with new lines?

Trade Marketing: Have you put together a plan to formalise activity? Are you working with your distributors? How are you communicating to the trade? How are you helping products sell off the shelf? Are you providing samples, sales presentations, point of sales, incentives?

Advertising: What advertising would be of benefit? Print, digital or a mix of both? Which publications should you target?

Promotions: Distributor, retail, instore and consumer. Show you attend a trade show?

PR: Make sure PR is effective, be critical of your stories. Engage in social media; a vital promotional tool. Have a strategy of who you want to pursue and how you are going to engage with them.

Packaging: Does your product have shelf-ready packaging? Is it complaint to law? Thinking long-term, should it include multi languages so that you’re ready for export?

Consumer Awareness: Invest time in consumer PR, social media, web stories etc.

Marketing Communications: Have you managed your promotional print, website, point of sale etc. Are you displaying a consistent message and does it best reflect the brand?

Splat Marketing & PR provides marketing strategy and an outsourced marketing function.