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Awareness Days & Weeks

As Splat PR is a specialist boutique PR agency that predominantly works with food and drink producers, we are constantly updating our calendar with the latest food and drink awareness days. It can inspire a content calendar, provide an opportunity to do some charity work, or just have fun! We’ve included things relating to food, homes or family fun. 

More events are being throughout the year, so this list will be constantly updated. If you’re organising your own event, or you’ve spotted one that I’ve missed, please just get in touch

We’re trying to be ahead of ourselves, so not all dates for 2021 have been confirmed, so again, the list will be updated as soon as the dates are announced.


Veganuary: fancy following a plant based diet? This is the month to do it!

Dry January: How many of us can turn down a tipple?

6th - National Shortbread Day

18th – Blue Monday: the third Monday of January is considered the most depressing day in the calendar.

20th - National Cheese Lovers Day 

25th – Burns Night: the time to serve / eat / host a traditional supper complete with ‘neeps and tatties and a standing ovation for the haggis.

26th – Australia Day: pop some snags on the barbie and keep your beer cool in an esky


1st – National Sickie Day: Now we don’t condone this, but apparently the first Monday in February is the day which has traditionally seen the highest number of workers calling in sick.

4th – Time to Talk Dayencourages everyone to be more open about mental health – to talk, to listen, to change lives. Find out more here.

5th – World Nutella Day: if ever there was an excuse to eat a chocolate hazelnut spread, then it’s today. Share your love and inspiration. N.B. Other chocolate spreads are available. 

7th – Yorkshire Pudding Day: traditionally served with beef, but what other clever ways are there to use up this classic accompaniment. 

9th – National Pizza Day: Tomato Pizza, White Pizza, sweet pizza. Get innovative with seasonal ingredients.

12th- Chinese New Year: The Year of the Ox. In case you wondered. 

14th – St Valentine’s Day: a key season for grocery product launches and a chance for foodservice operators to adopt innovative campaigns.

16th – Shrove Tuesday: Did you know, the largest pancake was created in Rochdale, in 1994, by the Co-Operative Union, Ltd. It was 49 foot (ft) wide and one inch (in) thick? It weighed three tonnes (about the equivalent to an African elephant).

18th - Drink Wine Day: what a perfect day!

20th – 28th – Real Bread Week: the annual, international celebration of additive-free loaves and the people who make them. Find out more here.

22nd - National Margarita Day: make this classic of tequila, orange liqueur and lime juice, often served with salt on the rim of the glass. 

25th - National Toast Day: Butter, jam, marmalade, cheese, beans … toast toppings are the best.


 1st – St David’s Day: Welsh food and drink brings you tasty delights such as flavoursome cheeses, seaweed, bara brith and much more…

1st – 31st – Dechox: Get your team to raise money for the British Heart Foundation by giving up chocolate for a month! Found out more

1st – 7th – British Pie Week: I’ve had the honour of judging at the British Pie Awards on a couple of occasions. 

1st - National Peanut Butter Day

8th – World Book Day: International Women’s Day will provide an opportunity to bring together women in your workplace. This year’s theme is #ChooseToChallenge

8th – 14th – National Butcher’s Week: let’s continue to support our high street butchers.

 14th – Mothering Sunday

15th – 21st – Compost Week: often a by-product of food waste

17th - St Patrick’s Day

19th – Red Nose Day

20th – International Day of Happiness: We’ve faced a global crisis together, so let’s continue to find positive ways to look after ourselves and each other.

25th - International Waffle Day: That’s waffle as in crispy batter snack popular in Belgium: not speaking at length about something trivial.


1st – 30th – Stress Awareness Month: The affects that stress have on our mental and physical health is astounding. 

2nd – Good Friday

4th – Easter Sunday

4th - International Carrot Day: how many interesting carrot recipes can we conjure up? Carrot pakoras, carrot burger, carrot salad, carrot soup … personally I just like them raw. 

7th - World Health Day

11th - Cheese Fondue Day

20th – 25th - Allergy Awareness Week 

21st - National Tea Day: take a straw poll on everyone’s favourite. 

23rd – Happy St George’s Day! What’s your favourite British ‘classic’ – a roast dinner, fish & chips or something else?

23rd – National Asparagus Day (I’ve just found out it takes three years from seed to harvest, surely a labour of love!)

23rd – 30th - British Beef Week: it’s important to support British farming. 

28th – Stop Food Waste Day: Get active on social media using #StopFoodWasteDay and pledge your commitment to stop wasting food. 


1st – 8th - Dementia UK’s Time for a Cuppa: host a tea party (face-to-face if we can or virtually if we can’t). And what goes best with tea? Why, cake of course! 

9th – 15th – National Doughnut Week: make your own or simply enjoy a shop-bought creation. Create a poll as to the nation’s favourite; will it be ice topped, a classic ring or traditional sugared jam?

9th – 15th - Coeliac Awareness Week: Bake, make and share gluten free goodies. 

10th – 15th – Food Allergy Awareness Week: more than ever we need to be mindful of food allergies and intolerance. 

10th – 16th - Sugar Awareness Week

11th – Eat what you want day: no more words required. 

11th – 16th – National Vegetarian Week: a great way to showcase your meat-free cooking perhaps through recipe creation?

13th - World Cocktail Day

15th - World Whisky Day (or whiskey if we’re talking about the Irish version)

13th - International Hummus Day

17th - World Baking Day: host your own bake-off style competition or take the time to share favourite, fool-proof recipes. 

25th – 30th – National Barbecue Week #barbiforbritain

25th – 6th June – British Tomato Fortnight

28th - International Hamburger Day: The name “hamburger” comes from Hamburg, Germany, where it is thought 19th-century sailors brought back the idea of raw shredded beef (today’s beef tartare) after trading with the Baltic provinces of Russia (reference: Food Lovers Companion)

29th – National Biscuit Day: a great way to find out who is nuts about a Ginger Nut, who likes a Custard Cream or who’s first pick is always a Jammy Dodger.

 TBC - British Sandwich Week 


1st - World Milk Day

1st – 6th - National Growing for Wellbeing Week celebrating the benefits of growing your own food for your physical and mental well-being

1st – 29th - Pride Month

1st – 29th - National Candy Month

3rd - National Fish & Chip Day

4th - National Doughnut Day

5th - World Environment Day 

6th - Big Lunch 2021: dependent upon current national guidelines but the concept is for neighbours and communities to come together to connect and to get to know one another a little better. 

12th - World Gin Day

12th - International Falafel Day

13th - Cupcake Day for Alzheimer’s Society Host a Cupcake Day at home or virtually with friends, family or workmates. Help raise some dough for people affected by dementia. Find out more here.

14th – 18th - Healthy Eating Week

15th - Beer Day Britain: With so many brilliant craft beers to choose from it could be tricky knowing which one to choose to celebrate Britain’s national alcoholic drink. Say #CheerstoBeer at 7pm!

16th - National Fudge Day

18th - International Sushi Day

18th - International Picnic Day: hopefully we will be able to join family and friends for a picnic whether it’s in the park or the back garden. Just remember to pack lots of food and drink. 

19th – 27th – National Picnic Week 

19th – 27th - English Wine Week: thankfully, English Wine is finally receiving the praise it deserves. 

20th - Father’s Day 

26th – National Parma Violet’s Day: Not my sweet of choice, but each to their own. 


1st – 30th - National Picnic Month

1st – 31st - Ice Cream Month: Let’s hope it’s a hot summer for the ice cream trade.

7th - World Chocolate Day

16th - National Cherry Day: 10 cherries can make up one of your 5 a day! This celebration was started in 2008 to raise awareness of Britain’s cherries. During the 20th century, 90% of Britain’s cherry orchards were lost as they were planted over for more vital crops to feed people after the war. 

17th - Hot Dog Day

25th – 1st Aug – National Preserving Awareness Week: Avoid food waste and encourage people to preserve their own food. Share top tips on pickling, jamming – even freezing!


10th – 15th - Afternoon Tea Week

13th - National Prosecco Day

16th - National Rum Day

24th - National Plum Day

26th - National Burger Day: There’s so much more to a burger now. What is it served on – brioche, pretzel bun, sourdough or something similar? What topping should there be – pulled pork, classic gherkins, beetroot relish? What should accompany – thin-cut fries, sweet potato or truffle chips? It’s a chance to be inventive! 


1 – 29th Sourdough September: the covid pandemic has definitely showcased the usefulness of sourdough starter. It’s important to keep this momentum going. 

1- 29 Organic September

1 – 29 Stand Up for Food Month - This event has been a focus for Guardians of Grub who help against the 1.1 million tonnes of food thrown away by the Hospitality and Foodservice industry every year. 

1st - National Tofu Day

4th - National Fish & Chip Day: giving this British classic the recognition it deserves as one of the nation’s favourites. 

4th - International Bacon Day

7th - World Salami Day: British Charcuterie deserves recognition and this celebration provides the perfect opportunity to celebrate. 

11th - National Hot Cross Buns Day: this American celebration is worth a mention given the strange timing to celebrate this Easter classic. 

13th - International Chocolate Day 

18th – 3rd October - British Food Fortnight: A celebration that consumers, retailers, foodservice, pubs, restaurants, hotels, schools, universities and the public sector can all get invovled in! #BritishFoodisGreat

25th – National Doodle Day 

25th - World’s Biggest Coffee Morning in aid of Macmillan: Hold an event wherever you can: the office, at home, in the coffee shop, virtually or at a larger gathering (if we can). More details here

26th - National Dumpling Day: gaining popularity at a range of restaurant concepts. 


1 – 30th - Go Sober for October: asks people to go booze-free to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. Become a ‘Soberhero’.

1st - International Coffee Day

1st - World Vegetarian Day

4th - Taco Day

4th – 10th - National Curry Week: an excuse to revel in one of our favourite dishes – curry. Find out more here

8th - World Egg Day

9th - International Beer & Pizza Day

10th - World Porridge Day

12th – 15th - National Work-Life Week: Working Families’ annual campaign to get employers and employees talking about wellbeing at work and work-life fit. 

14th – 19th - Chocolate Week 2021: Last year, spending on chocolate soared by £50 million (year-on-year). So whether you’re a producer who makes great chocolate, a retailer who can create a fantastic display or a pub or restaurant that wants to switch-up their menu, this celebration is a great opportunity to focus on all-things chocolate. 

14th – 19th - National Baking Week: Often occurring at the same time as The Great British Bake Off, this is a great time for brands to capitalise on all things baked. 

16th – World Food Day

19th – International Gin & Tonic Day

21st - Apple Day

22nd - National Nut Day

22nd – Global Champagne Day

23rd - Wear it Pink Day: An easy way for your business to get involved to raise funds for Breast Cancer Research. Find out more here

25th - World Pasta Day

31st - Halloween: Each year this becomes a more important event for brands, retailers and operators. 

TBC – National Seafood Week

TBC – UK Sausage Week


1 – 29th – Veg Pledge 2021: Cancer Research UK are encouraging us to go veggie or vegan for the month to raise money for their charity.

1st - World Vegan Day

3rd - National Sandwich Day

4th - Roast Dinner Day: Every year, schools and their communities come together to celebrate a hot school lunch to encourage meal take-up and to shine a spotlight on school cooks and caterers. Find out more here

5th - Bonfire Day

7th - International Stout Day: let’s hope we can celebrate in style this year – at breweries, bars and restaurants as well as online and socially #StoutDay. 

 11th – 16th - Alcohol Awareness Week

13th - World Kindness Day: Pledge your kind act or kindness initiative. More ideas here

21st - Stir Up Sunday: Victorian tradition when family would gather together to stir the Christmas Pudding five weeks before Christmas. 

26th - Thanksgiving: this may be an American tradition, but it’s still celebrated by many here in the UK. 

30th – St Andrew’s Day 

TBC - British Game Week


2nd – English Breakfast Day: a great way to promote breakfast on your menu or to showcase your breakfast products. 

4th – National Cookie Day

5th – Pigs in Blankets Day: It’s been named as the nation’s favourite Christmas trimming so it’s only right it has it’s own commemorative day. 

10th – Christmas Jumper Day: whether it’s in your restaurant, at your place of work or just at home, this is the perfect day to don your Christmas pullover to support Save the Children. 

20th – National Sangria Day

24th – National Eggnogg Day: a drink that divides opinion but something that will be a talking point for your customers. 

25th – Christmas Day 

26th – Boxing Day

31st – New Year’s Eve