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Food marketing specialist

Being a food marketing specialist, I find that the principles are the same, it’s easy for a professional marketeer to adapt to whatever product or service they need to promote. Sometimes though, it helps to engage with a specialist within your particular sector, and this is why switched-on food producers are turning to the services of a food marketing specialist.

As a food marketing specialist many of my speciality food producer clients (past and present) have commented that by employing a food marketing expert like me, has helped them to ‘fast track’ their business and marketing effort. Having worked in the industry I can advise of the best practice I’ve encountered working with other speciality food firms. This isn’t trading confidential information, it’s simply advising of the initiatives that have worked (and those best avoided). We’ve all be lured and tempted by the magical advertising campaign or promotion that’s promised the earth, for it to simply be sizzle and no substance. You may think it’s easier to handle things in-house, but employing a food marketing expert (even for just a short time) ensures ‘more bang for your buck’. As a professional, their time is used wisely and effectively and they’d be proven to make a difference - after all, that’s all that matters!

Working with a food marketing specialist, someone who has worked for many years within speciality food means you have access to their address book which could also bring weight to your business. It could be the name of a reliable, creative agency for a rebrand or someone who can work on new product development or perhaps someone to specifically advise on sales strategy and export. 

Employing a food marketing specialist could prove to be an invaluable investment and free up your time to do the most important thing – running your business!