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Future Planning

Some businesses don’t realise the value of marketing. To them, it’s difficult to quantify and they don’t ‘get’ the benefit. Hopefully, reading this, you don’t share that viewpoint. After all, marketing is an integral part of running a successful business. It’s vital in order to embrace opportunities and profitability: a business without effective marketing will not thrive.

Sometimes though, it’s easy to get bogged down by it all often having a knee-jerk reaction to marketing opportunities that present themselves. Yes, there will be times that a fantastic opportunity that no-one had considered will rear it’s head, but if the rest of your marketing activity is planned (and obviously budgeted for), it makes a decision on what and when to do things so much easier.

I work with many businesses to formalise an effective, targeted marketing strategy. It doesn’t have to be onerous, it simply lays down everything that the business or brand wants to achieve, who they want to target and how they want to get there.

To ensure there’s constant activity and consistent, effective marketing activity I’d recommend devising a plan. Formalising your activity can be simple but it’s important that it’s written down to ensure deadlines are met, marketing spend doesn’t spiral out of control and you can see, across the year, what needs to be done.

A targeted plan not only helps to ensure that all market sectors are being communicated to, but, importantly from a cash flow point of view it helps to monitor spend.

Marketing planning doesn’t need to be an overly complicated exercise; you can even just open an excel spreadsheet to highlight activity across the calendar months, the target markets and split out by required activity whether it’s print, digital, social media, PR, trade events, advertising etc.

Splat Marketing & PR provides marketing planning and strategy with particular experience working with speciality food producers, tourism organisations and hospitality businesses.