We Do It

Splat Marketing & PR:

work with clients from a variety of sectors but predominantly are marketing and PR specialists for speciality food producers, tourism organisations and hospitality businesses.

We work with clients on an individual basis with campaigns and activity bespoke to suit client need.

So how do we like to work?

In the beginning

Initially, we prefer to meet face-to-face to find out more: what you are trying to achieve, who your target market is, to hear more about your product offering and what help or advice you think you may need. There’s no obligation to this, it’s just a good opportunity to sit down (with a coffee) and get things down on paper. We like to get ingrained with the product and organisation as, in our opinion, it’s only possible to effectively represent a brand if there’s a complete understanding of the product range, the company ethos and of the objectives of what is to be achieved.

After the meeting

After the meeting we then go away and gather our thoughts. That’s when we start the research, review your product, analyse the competition and assess target markets. All this helps pull together an outline plan that underpins objectives, specific tactics and a calendar of activity with recommendations of how we feel we can help.


Finally, before we start to work, we work with you to identify the preferred tone and writing style and ensure that this is used throughout all marketing communications. We pride ourselves on producing engaging, newsworthy content that can potentially be integrated into a wider communication plan. Splat Marketing & PR can work on site or remotely and is dependent upon the project and client need.

Although proven to generate results, it’s important that we continually monitor our work. We therefore recommend regular review meetings to evaluate projects.

Splat Marketing & PR provides specialist marketing and public relations and has developed relationships with a selection of media with particular expertise in speciality food and drink, hospitality and agriculture.

To find out more and for examples of our work in PR and marketing for speciality food producers and PR and marketing for hospitality providers, please go to the news pages and case studies section.