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Outsourcing your marketing

“Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice”: Anton Chekhov

Sometimes it pays to bow down to experience and knowledge and admit that, whilst convenient, doing everything ‘in-house’ may not be the best solution. There may be benefits to having someone sat at a desk in the office doing the ‘day-to-day’, but in terms of effective marketing and in particular public relations, is an in-house option the best option, or could outsourcing your marketing be a viable alternative?

There are certain downsides to doing things in-house and it may be worthwhile considering the following:

Contacts: do you have all of the contacts you need to engage with your desired target audience. PR agencies build relationships, have a huge database and address book at their fingertips, so outsourcing your marketing could really widen your reach and deliver enhanced business results.

Changes or trends in the industry: do staff keep abreast of matters, how things could potentially affect your business, and importantly, look at the ‘big picture’ to engage in opportunities? 

Cost saving: outsourcing your marketing, working with a public relations consultancy who specialise in food or hospitality could prove to be more cost effective. There’s no sick pay, holiday pay or national insurance to pay. You only pay for the time that has been worked and not for the time gossiping by the water cooler.

Skills: an outside agency can immediately provide the skills that you need that you may not initially have in-house, certainly until staff have been trained or the business grows.

Objective viewpoint: a tricky question, but honestly, do you think that perhaps you could be a little too close to your product, your brand or business? Would an impartial view be most beneficial from someone who can look at things in their entirety, benchmark with others and have a horizontal approach across the business?

There are huge benefits to outsourcing your marketing and engaging a professional public relations agency.

Splat Marketing & PR is a professional public relations agency specialising in speciality food and hospitality PR.