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PR – don’t run before you can walk

“I think the Telegraph would love our product, don’t you?” It’s these sorts of questions that can sometimes make me wince. I love people with ambition and belief that their product is the very best thing EVER! Sadly, you need to be practical, and in my opinion, when providing public relations advice for speciality food clients, honesty is the best policy.

Sometimes, brands need to go back to basics. Once you’ve decided on a new product launch, a distribution channel needs to be established. You then need to talk to retailers for them to be aware and understand the brand ethos. That’s why initially it’s essential that brands concentrate on trade marketing & PR. Talking to the people to get it onto the shelf so a consumer can buy is vital. Once you’ve cracked that, then obviously consumer marketing and PR comes into play to help get the product off the shelf.

A new brand needs to be nurtured. There’s no point promoting a product or new line that no one can buy. Trying to run before you can walk will just burn a huge hole in your marketing budget. Talk to someone who can help; someone who knows the market. Devise a strategy so that everyone is clear of the objectives, the budget that’s available and the key sectors to target. Build a brand through trade PR and support with marketing activities, whether these are in-store, promotions with distributors or advertising in specialist trade press. Once you have a solid base then consumer PR can quickly follow, but please, don’t try to run before you can walk.

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