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Stag Bakeries secures Marks & Spencer listing

Stag Bakeries has announced that they have secured a listing within 411 Marks & Spencer stores for their Stornoway Water Biscuits with Seaweed and Stornoway Oatcakes with Seaweed. The two products were selected by Marks & Spencer to feature in the new M&S range of branded artisan products and were officially launched in store on 7th April 2015.

Stag’s seaweed range was developed to highlight the bakery’s Scottish heritage and island location and is made with a unique and secret blend of red, brown and green seaweed sustainably sourced from nearby sea lochs in the Scottish Outer Hebrides and also includes a sprinkling or Hebridean Sea Salt.

Charlie Macdonald, owner of Stag Bakeries said “As we operate in a very competitive market, we are obviously delighted that Marks & Spencer has selected two of our seaweed lines to be included in their new range of branded artisan products. Marks & Spencer is synonymous with British quality, so we are very pleased that our brand will feature in store. Stag has many loyal customers and this listing will not only ensure that our products are more readily available but it will provide the opportunity to introduce our brand to so many more people. We do remain committed to the independent retail trade and have exciting new products in the pipeline to launch later in the year.”

The Seaweed Water Biscuit works well with many accompaniments and provides the perfect foil for a selection of cheeses. Being a Scottish bakery, the water biscuits have also been tested by whisky experts who have confirmed they complement a ‘dram’ of peaty malts and also sweeter Highland / Speyside whisky’s.

The Seaweed Water Biscuit and Seaweed Oatcake will retail at £3.00 for a 125g pack.

As well as being a biscuit producer, Stag is a traditional island bakery that also supplies over 200 products to the local market. 

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