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Traditional festive favourite foods

Len Goodman loves them, so what is it about the humble Pickled Walnut that reveres such praise? Pickled Walnuts are traditionally associated with Christmas, they are, after all, a classic English Pickle. For many Pickled Walnuts always feature on the festive shopping list and Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without pickled walnuts placed alongside a groaning buffet table or lurking in amongst a luxurious home-made Christmas hamper. 

Walnuts are picked in their prime before any shell has formed and then painstakingly prepared by hand before being gently cooked. Opies then preserve them in a traditional spiced malt vinegar and the walnuts are left to carefully marinate to enhance the delicious, unique flavour. 

Pickled Walnuts are traditionally served with cold cuts, cheese and antipasto and they also add texture to a salad. If refrigerated after opening, the walnuts can be used within 4 weeks, giving plenty of time to add to hearty meat stews and casseroles as they work exceptionally well with beef, lamb, game or chicken.

Opies Pickled Walnuts are available from Sainsbury’s & Tesco 390g £3.49.

Opies is one of the oldest private family-owned food companies in the country and much of their range are family favourites such as traditional and speciality pickles, fruits in alcohol and preserved stem ginger. Opies’ cocktail-centric products like sliced lemons and cocktail cherries are a staple in many household. Opies has a number of recipe ideas for using the Pickled Walnuts including a Chicken & Walnut Casserole, Fillet of Beef with Walnuts, Steak & Kidney Pie and also a vegetarian dish of Creamy Gorgonzola Pasta


Splat provides PR services to Bennett Opie; a fine food producer based in Kent that produces a wide range of cocktail products, speciality pickles, chutneys, olives, ginger, luxury fruits, sauces and compotes under the Opies brand. Bennett Opie is also the sole distributor for a number of speciality food brands including Monin, Lingham’s Chilli Sauce, Barry Norman Pickled Onions, Ferns Curry Pastes, Delice du Provence and Clément Faugier chestnuts.