Strategy & Planning

Splat Marketing & PR…

provides marketing planning and strategy for small businesses. 

Some businesses may not think that they need a strategy or a plan but a well-written, comprehensive, effective marketing plan will essentially describe how a business plans to attract and retain customers. We work with many businesses to formalise an effective, targeted marketing plan. It doesn’t have to be onerous, it simply lays down everything that the business or brand wants to achieve, who they want to target and how they want to get there. 

A marketing plan has the following benefits:

  • Provides clarity and direction
  • Reviews appropriate target markets
  • Ensures appropriate activity reaches all target markets
  • Reinforces brands in target markets
  • Raises profile
  • Protects current customer base whilst attracting new business
  • Ensures an organised approach so that activity can be planned and deadlines met
  • An effective plan will help to increase sales and business profile
  • Ensures limited time and budget can be used most effectively 

Some businesses don’t realise the value of marketing. To them, it’s difficult to quantify and they don’t ‘get’ the benefit. Marketing is an integral part of running a successful business. It’s vital in order to embrace opportunities and profitability: a business without effective marketing and therefore effective planning will not thrive.

Splat Marketing & PR can help a business with a targeted marketing plan to ensure that all market sectors are being communicated to consistently, effectively, creatively and within budget.