We Do It

Splat Marketing & PR:

…is an independent marketing and PR consultancy based in Staffordshire that provides a dedicated, hands-on, personal, effective service for clients.

Splat Marketing & PR work with clients from a variety of sectors but predominantly are marketing and PR specialists for speciality food producers, tourism organisations and hospitality businesses. We work with clients on an individual basis with campaigns and activity bespoke to suit client need.  

There are huge benefits to outsourcing marketing and engaging a professional marketing and public relations agency:


Wide selection of services that can be tailored to client need be it public relations, marketing management, event management or copywriting.


Splat Marketing & PR has a huge database and address book at our fingertips for PR contacts, industry contacts and fellow professionals.

Changes or trends in the industry

To help look at the ‘big picture’ and how it could affect business.

Cost saving

Outsourcing marketing management can be more cost effective; the financial burden of sick pay, holiday pay, pension and national insurance contributions are removed.


Splat Marketing & PR can immediately provide the required skills whether it’s for a short interim project or for ongoing work.

Objective viewpoint

An impartial view is vital and can offer new ideas and suggestions for new campaigns, products or way of working. 

Splat Marketing & PR is a professional marketing and PR consultancy specialising in speciality food and hospitality marketing and PR.